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About Magnesium

nanoMAG produces magnesium sheet and short-run specialty alloys with properties that overcome traditional limitations in using this abundant, easily recyled element in manufacturing.

Magnesium Metal Overview

One of the special properties of magnesium is damping capacity, about 4 times that of aluminum and 2 times that of steel, which reduces noise and vibration of rotating parts. Bending rigidity and torsional stiffness of magnesium are advantageous in aerodynamic applications. Dent and crash resistance of magnesium over aluminum and steel is surprising, but noted for resisting impact damage and failure – and for absorbing energy of during impact. Compared to other structural metals, magnesium is easy to machine.

Hesitations on Magnesium Structural Use

Light-weight magnesium sheet would be in high demand in the automobile, aerospace, truck/trailer, battery, military, and electronic/communication markets were it not for two factors. If cost could be reduced and if formability could be enhanced, these markets could enjoy the benefits of lightweight magnesium on fuel economy and reduction of pollutants.

Overcoming Limitations: The nanoMAG TTMP Solution

The key to nanoMAG's magnesium sheet product is our patented Thixomolding® ThermoMechanical Process (TTMP). This novel process creates isotropic fine-grained strengthening on the nanometer scale.

The secret is our ability to control the microstructure of the material.

Control of the microstructure has increased yield strength of the original Thixomolded stock by more than 90% to more than 250 MPa along with 10% elongation.

At the same time, texture is minimized to improve formability without the use of costly rare earth alloying additions.

Further Reading

The Science of Mg

Magnesium is a chemical element with the symbol Mg, atomic number 12 and common oxidation number +2. It is an alkaline earth metal and the eighth most abundant element in the earth's crust by mass. Its density is 1.78g/cc, the lightest of all structural metals. Magnesium is the eleventh most abundant element in the human body and is essential to the functioning of all human cells.


nanoMag's TTMP magnesium sheet is highly bendable making it suitable for a variety of manufacturing applications.

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