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Bioabsorbable Magnesium Implants

Magnesium Sheet Metal Technology for Superior Products

nanoMAG® LLC, an engineered biomaterials manufacturer, is developing and commercializing next generation, high-strength, light-weight nanomagnesium biocompatible materials with applications in orthopaedic medicine. nanoMAG offers a bioabsorbable magnesium alloy (BioMg®) that is as strong as bone and offers a source of nutrients to the bone regrowth. By creating an alloy of elements that are naturally found in the body and a design that appropriately controls the rate of dissolution, the BioMg® implant can supply the temporary structural reinforcement needed during healing while avoiding all of the complications associated with current permanent metal alloy implants.

Although our primary focus is the biomedical implant market opportunity, we have secondary market opportunities that benefit from the high strength-to-weight ratio of magnesium. These secondary markets include external fixation devices and braces as well as specialty products for recreational sports equipment and other manufacturing uses.

Put simply, nanoMAG creates, develops and manufactures specialty magnesium alloy products working in collaboration with our commercial clients.

Biocompatible Magnesium Alloys for
Biomedical Applications

nanoMAG's next generation bioabsorbable BioMg® implants, utilize alloying elements that are essential nutrients to the body.

  • Bioabsorption rate has been tuned to fix bone fractures and then disappear – eliminating the pain and costs of secondary surgeries for removing non-absorbable implants.
  • Absorption rate is controlled by microalloying
  • Specific minerals enhance bone regrowth to replace the BioMg® implant.
  • Double the strength of bioabsorbable polymer implants - opening the way for load bearing uses.
  • Applications are projected for ACL, shoulder, craniofacial, foot, hand, spine, hip and femur fixation.
Bioabsorbable magnesium screw

Bioabsorbable magnesium screws release essential nutrients critical for bone healing as they dissolve.

More Bio Uses

nanoMAG's light-weight, high-strength magnesium alloy technology is also being used to create lighter, stronger external orthopedic devices (such as knee braces), artificial limbs and surgical tools, improving both performance and comfort.

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DonJoy knee brace small

DonJoy OA Nano® knee brace

Light-Weight, High-Strength Magnesium Sheet for
Structural Applications

nanoMAG supplies precision magnesium sheet metal and short run speciality alloys to diverse industries. Using our novel Thixomolding ThermoMechanical Processing (TTMP) to generate fine grained microstructure and high strength, we can produce magnesium sheet for a variety of applications.

NanoMag Bevel

TTMP Benefits:

  • Higher strength to weight ratio than aluminum and steel
  • Improved corrosion resistance over conventional alloys
  • Higher fatigue strength
  • Improved formability without rare earths
  • Higher impact energy
  • Enhanced damping and noise reduction
  • Mini-mill production concept and Thixoblending allow nanoMAG to produce short run specialty alloys
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