nanoMAG Alloys Developed for BIOMEDICAL Applications

DonJoy knee brace small

Lighter orthopaedic devices for fixation external to the body are made possible by nanoMAG's new light-weight, high strength magnesium sheet technology.  Applications include knee, foot and ankle, leg and wrist braces.

AND NOW.... nanoMAG has discovered and is commercialing next generation bioabsorbable BIOMG®250 implants. Utilizing alloying elements that are essential nutrients to the body:

  1. Strength has been boosted to 2x bioabsorbable polymer implants - opening the way for load bearing uses.
  2. Bioabsorption rate has been tuned to fix bone fractures and then disappear - obviating the pain and cost of removing non-absorbable implants.
  3. Applications are projected for ACL, shoulder, craniofacial, foot, hand, spine, hip and femur fixation.
  4. New bone growth is generated to replace the BIOMG®250 implant.


Shown above is the OA Nano® knee brace from DonJoy.

Light-weight, High Strength Mg Sheet for Structural Applications

nanoMAG applies their novel Thixomolding ThermoMechanical Processing (TTMP) to generate fine grained microstructure and high strength.

nanoMAG supplies precision magnesium sheet and short run speciality alloys to diverse industries.  Take note of some of the key benefits:

  • Higher strength to weight ratio than aluminum and steel
  • Improved corrosion resistance over conventional alloys
  • Higher fatigue strength
  • Improved formability
  • Higher impact energy
  • Enhanced damping and noise reduction
  • Mini-mill production concept and Thixoblending allow nanoMAG to produce short run specialty alloys
  • Alloys - AZ60, AZ61, AZ70-TH, AXJ810-TH

Recent Press Releases/Articles

nanoMAG's bioabsorbable implant technology highlighted in recent publication by Chemical Engineering Progress is viewable at:

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